Decorating a condo near the beach should be a fun experience. The challenging part is to make the best use of the ‘natural resources’ without making the place seem overly nautical.

Below, we offer some ideas on how to achieve this:

#1 Set the budget

You need to know what you can afford so start with allocating your decoration budget. Plan to invest more in foundation pieces (sofa, dining table, etc.) and if your funds are limited, you can skimp on accessories or even use ‘temporary’ furniture to fill up the space until you can afford to buy the items you really want.

#2 Redesign the floor plan to allow for maximum natural light

If you have an opportunity to do so, you should ensure that every room has at least one large window. ‘Relocate’ the bedrooms to the back and sides and remove as many walls in the center as you can to make the place feel light and airy.

#3 Use the view as your main artwork

a fantastic view from the window

A gorgeous view of the beach is the main asset of a beach condo, so you should try to highlight it. Install floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors with white Plantation Shutters are a must have for any beach condo facing the ocean. Arrange the furniture in the room to face them instead of the TV and add accessories that will enhance the beach theme without distracting from the view, like seashells and starfish.

#4 Choose a light-colored palette

It’s true that white is the ultimate color for beach-style décor, but you can enhance it in so many interesting ways. Use some shades of white as your base and play around with splashes of vibrant pastel colors. It’s all about details, like sunny-yellow throw pillows, bedding, and drapes in shades of turquoise, and sandy-colored flooring to ‘extend’ the beach into the room.

Use the colors of the nature to create a truly magical atmosphere and don’t be afraid to get bold.

#5 Bring in the outdoors

Wicker lounge chairs, large tropical plants, and seashells in your living room will allow you to enjoy relaxing on the coast without even leaving your home. The great thing about this arrangement is that you can lounge on your indoor beach even during a storm.

#6 Use natural elements in your décor

The best decorations for a beach condo are the ones given by mother nature. Corals, starfish, seashells, and pieces of wood and stone washed by the sea can enhance the nautical feel of the interior without being too overwhelming. Use them sparsely and coordinate the colors to fit into the overall scheme.

#7 Use patterns and textures to boost a neutral color scheme

a nicely decorated room


If bright colors aren’t your thing, you can enhance the interior by combining textures and subtle visual accents, such as prints made in complementary neutral tones. This will give the room a personality keeping the overall décor light and neutral.

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